Coaching Process

The coaching process begins with a brief phone call to establish we’re a fit. This is complimentary. Next, we work out a time and date for your first coaching session. During your first session, we will go over your reasons for seeking assistance from a life coach. I will ask you a lot of questions that help me understand your current goals in the context of your life and history. We will discuss your level of wellness in each of the four systems–mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual–that make you whole and balanced. I’ll ask a lot of questions that lead you through the self-discovery process and offer guidance along the way. Our discussion provides a platform for us as we co-create your Action Plan. Your Action Plan includes strategies and tools that you implement over a time period you determine is best.

What’s next? We schedule follow-up appointments to assess your progress. We celebrate your victories and talk through challenges. We discuss strategies for keeping you focused and motivated and we modify your Action Plan as needed.

Where will we meet? If you’re in Carlsbad, CA or the surrounding area, let’s meet at a local coffee shop. If you’re outside the area, we will schedule a coaching session by phone. Phone sessions are preferred by many clients, as they fit more easily into their busy schedules.

Life Coaching Philosophy

This is a good time to share the philosophy behind life coaching. Life coaches act as a tour guide along the path you want to take towards living your best life. We believe you are empowered and resourceful to make changes and shifts in your own time. We honor you as the expert in your life. We encourage small shifts that gently take you toward total wellness and goal attainment.

Life Coaches with the Integrative Wellness Certification through IWA (that’s me) address your current goals and/or concerns in the context of wellness in all four of your body systems–mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This is considered the outside in / inside out approach. Why is this a benefit to you? All four body systems are interconnected and interrelated. When you address an issue residing in one system, as well as what contributing factors are in the other systems, solutions are lasting and overall satisfaction and happiness increase as a result.

“Jodi is an amazing life coach! She asks intuitive questions to get to my core vision for an optimal life. She has been excellent at seeing my vision through her eyes and breaking down a fulfilling plan into manageable goals for me.” ~Christy F.

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